Fit & Comfort

The most important function for eyeglasses is to hold a pair of lenses correctly and comfortably before the eyes. This must happen with the upmost precision and comfort. The customer will measure her or his satisfaction with these criteria.

Fit on the nose
A good fit on the nose, knowledge on the best fitting angles per gender and region makes the difference to standard nose fits.

Overall fit
This involves more knowledge in comfort and fit than the nose area. Hans Stepper knows very well that a pair of glasses should fit almost unnoticed, it should not slip, should not create any temporal pressure against the head and no pressure behind the ears. This is where his history as an optician comes into play, and has trained his team in the priority of “Fit and Comfort” not fashion.

“A good fit on the nose, knowledge on the best fitting angles per gender and region makes the difference to standard nose fits.”


There are a number of criteria that materials for frame making should meet. Hans Stepper’s opinion is that they should be:

  • Skin-friendly

  • Antiallergic

  • Durable

  • Long lasting


The material for all STEPPER plastic frames is a Nylon-derived Polyamide with the following properties:

  • 25% lighter than conventional plastic material
  • Tougher, to allow much thinner frames
  • Harder for greater scratch resistance
  • Free of allergic reactions

Titanium and Beta-Titanium

The material for all STEPPER metal frames and metal components of TX5 frames with outstanding properties:

  • 50% lighter than all other metals used
  • 100% corrosion-free
  • Free of allergic reactions
  • 100% nickel-free

Stainless Steel

The best choice among the more traditional metals. Stainless Steel is lighter than Monel or Nickel Silver. It is very tough and highly flexible. Stainless Steel allows much thinner frame components, and the use of frames made from thin sheet.


The materials used in the NXT frame are Trivex, a castable polymer, developed and produced by PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) Industries, Ohio, USA. Originally developed for the USA Military for its outstanding properties:

  • Lightweight
  • Optical clarity
  • Almost indestructible


Eyewear design has been one of Hans Stepper’s most important challenges on frame making, and STEPPER combine design with the focus on fit, materials and specific requirements from different market segments.

Every year over 150 new styles are released by STEPPER EYEWEAR. With such a talented team and the best development facilities available, it is a pleasure for him to take on the responsibility for all designs.


3-D design of all TX5 frames creates perfect fit and a three-dimensional shape around the face.

A self-developed moulding system allows rim thickness of 1.6 mm on TX5 frames, the thinnest and lightest frames on the market.

5-colour pad printing creates unlimited pattern and colour features on TX5 frames.

Laser welding of Titanium and Beta-Titanium frames create safe and solid joining between the frame parts.

Laser cutting is used to cut out complicated frame parts from Beta-Titanium sheets.

IP-plating of all Titanium and Beta-Titanium frames and parts is the base for an extensive range of beautiful gold and rhodium plating tones.