“Comfort Comes From Understanding The Anatomy Of The Face And Creating A Frame That Works In Harmony With The Contours”

Fitting eyewear for healthy eyecare. Ask your eyecare professional to recommend a frame that best meets your eyecare needs and there’s a good chance they will answer ‘STEPPER’.

The STEPPER brand has been providing exceptional fit since 1970 and the frames are worn by millions. A success and longevity resulting from a frame design and manufacture philosophy created by Hans Stepper, German Master Optician. The ‘original’ STEPPER (SI) was created to hold prescribed lenses correctly before the eye, all day, every day with outstanding fit, comfort, and attractive styling. Created in hypoallergenic Titanium and TX5; STEPPER Origin frames sit lightly on the wearer and minimise skin reactions.

Over 70 years of professional knowledge and more than 50 years of frame fitting data allows STEPPER Origin to produce ophthalmic eyewear with significant wearer benefits.

Advanced manufacturing, combined with applied technology, using ‘best for purpose materials’ to hold the lenses correctly before the eye, results in the optimum visual outcome.

Eyecare professionals recognise the ophthalmic benefits of STEPPER Origin frames and recommend them in clinics across the globe. True to our original eyewear concept since 1970. Feeling better wearing STEPPER Origin.

“We Take A ‘Design Follows Function’ Approach To Eyewear”

It is this ‘design follows function’ approach to eyewear that is as apparent as ever.

‘‘The main and principle purpose for eyewear is to hold two prescription lenses correctly before the eyes,’ comments Hans. ‘As long as we want to be professionals, we must not indulge in excessive design and fashion aspects ahead of this principle.’’

STEPPER enjoys the role of innovator in materials and manufacture. If STEPPER can also create the most attractive frame in the process, then the manufacturer, optician and wearer are happy.


Through design, material choice, manufacturing process and innovation, STEPPER endeavours to fulfil seven key product characteristics.

Our own quality control and testing facilities allow STEPPER to develop and maintain the highest standards of reliability with any new innovation being rigorously tested before it is presented to the customer.

Our commitment to these SEVEN STEPPER CHARACTERISTICS helps us to deliver our brand promise.