STEPPER’s fortunate position within the contemporary eyewear manufacturing area in China allows STEPPER the access to state-of-the-art technologies. Some typical examples:

  • 3-D design of all TX5 frames creates perfect fit and a three-dimensional shape around the face.
  • A self-developed moulding system allows rim thickness of 1.6 mm on TX5 frames, the thinnest and lightest frames on the market.
  • 5-colour pad printing creates unlimited pattern and colour features on TX5 frames.
  • Laser welding of Titanium and Beta-Titanium frames create safe and solid joining between the frame parts.
  • Laser cutting is used to cut out complicated frame parts from Beta-Titanium sheets.
  • IP-plating of all Titanium and Beta-Titanium frames and parts is the base for an extensive range of beautiful gold and rhodium plating tones.