One of the ultimate leading eyewear collections with focus on fit and comfort, State-of-the art materials, lightness and a timeless design.

STEPPER combines materials of the Titanium family with TX5, a sophisticated polyamide adaption, making the frames corrosion free, ultra-light and free from allergic reactions.

For a better fit to different face forms almost all models are manufactured in two sizes.

A collection from professionals for professionals, with a proven promise for customer satisfaction.


"ZEISS enters into brand partnerships when they strengthen our brand. And this is the case with STEPPER," says Sven Hermann, the Member of the Management Board of Carl Zeiss Vision International responsible for marketing.

The leap from world class lenses to premium frames is a logical move and gives spectacle wearers a new ophthalmic frame brand choice.

‘’All ZEISS EYEWEAR models share a modern, international design, extremely high-quality materials such as titanium and TX5. All feature outstanding comfort and fit,’’ comments Hans Stepper, STEPPER EYEWEAR.

The collection comprises full rimmed, supra and rimless styles in TX5, Titanium and Beta-Titanium materials. The models are available in a contemporary range of colours and cover an extensive choice of sizes.

Zeiss will be exclusively avaible thru STEPPER EYEWEAR INDIA LLP across India.


Eyewear with the STEPPER touch for the younger generation.

Following contemporary fashion trends and a lower price category.

All frames are made of TX5 or Stainless Steel.


Carefully crafted eyewear featuring ambitious combinations between TX5, Titanium, Rubber, PPSU, and NXT using two-colour moulding technology and other leading technologies.


A bold step back by 80 years in eyewear history where glasses were anything else than fashionable in our present sense; however, glasses gave people of that time a certain intellectual, minimalist appearance that – like fashion of past decades - again inspires us.

The Eclectic collection is being carefully updated with the 1950ies and the younger classical highlights.

All frames are made of either TX5 or Titanium.


This is the most exclusive STEPPER collection available.

Made of high end lightweight Titanium with an IP gold plating, using Zirconia gemstones from Swarovski.

All stones are set using the typical jewelery technique.

One of the most exclusive collections available on the market.


STEPPER uses some of the most modern silver alloys available.

For example the unique Sterling Silver (925) which is hard enough to make frames from.

We called the collection “STEPPER ARGENTUM” the Latin word for Silver.

To give them the required elasticity STEPPER uses mono-bloc spring hinges.

Each frame comes with a quality case and certificate.


This is the ultimate luxury collection from STEPPER. Crafted by goldsmiths using 18 carat (750) gold, no expense has been spared.

We called the collection “STEPPER AURUM”, the Latin word for Gold.

Selected women’s AURUM models come with gemstones and are made to order.

Each frame is handed over in a luxurious quality case and certificate.